Sunday, December 07, 2008

In Our House

In our house, any pleasure we receive from our netflix rentals is offset by the following stream of anxiety from Rob:

"Did you watch the movie yet?"
"We have to mail the movies back."

"Did you put the movies in the mail?"
"Did you watch the movie yet?"

"When do you think you'll get around to watching the movie?"
"Where'd you put the movie mailer?"
"Did you watch the movie yet?"
"Tell me you didn't lose the movie mailer."
"Are the movies in the mail yet?"
"Why didn't you watch the movie yet?"
"Did you watch the movie yet?"



Not June Cleaver said...

LOL!! Last month, I calculated the money we have paid to Netflix divided by the number of movies we have rented and returned and we are paying about $18 per movie!!

kelli said...

Rob and Tim are more alike than just the sports :)

debra said...

which is why we use the library :-)

Madeline said...

OMG! you mean it isn't just Nicolas? He will even stay up til wee hours, knowing he has to get up at 4 or 5am to do the market, and watch the BBC Robin Hood series(which I like way better than him) just for the pleasure of getting it in the mail!! LOL. They're crazy.

SabrinaT said...

Netfix says they will ship here. ha,ha, in the end I think it would cost us a small fortune..

childplay said...

Nice to know it happens other places, too. :)

I finally cancelled our Netflix. Too much stress, lol.