Sunday, November 09, 2008

Life's Update - the Short Version

Some events in life are not conducive to blogging. As much as I'd love to publicly process, and regularly publish "Gah - can you believe it?" and "Where am I, the twilight zone?!" posts, alas - I cannot. And I suppose I could just not mention that there are things going on that I'm not ready to share, but as my sister recently put it, I wear my emotions on my sleeve. But I guess I can talk a bit about what we've been up to. That's harmless enough, isn't it? And you can watch for hints about the side of craziness. It'll be fun - like Where's Waldo but instead, Find the Unbloggable Back-Story!

We just returned from Washington DC...

where we toured the Bureau of Engraving and Printing,

several Monuments,

the Capitol, the Holocaust Museum, the Spy Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the Art Museum, museum museum museum museum (cue side ache), and also

Arlington Cemetary,

several Smithsonian museums, more museums museums museums museums (cue sore feet)

and the White House, where no cameras, strollers, backpacks, purses, water bottles, belts, excessive jewelry, guns, knives, scud missiles, WMDs, babies, arms, ears, or underwear were allowed due to heightened anal rentention security. (cue ohhellyeah Obama won) (Just kidding on the babies thing.)

Jonathan's favorite tour?

ESPN Zone.

We also squeezed in visits to one cousin (forgot to take a photo),

one new unschooling friend,

one old unschooling friend,

and one soon-to-be step-sister. *<--- ahem <----*

The trip was organized for homeschoolers by a homeschooling mom from North Carolina. This essentially means someone else planned the entire trip and I wrote a check. Hello Christmas-come-early.

We didn't know anyone on the trip, but that was ok. We were there to see the sights, not socialize. Some folks, you could tell, were hoping to make new friends on the trip. Like the family who seemed nice enough and then told us how Hitler strengthened Germany's economy by bringing new jobs. (Like, say, sewing stars for Jews? Manning the crematoriums? Guarding concentration camp borders? Jobs like that?) And like the family who seemed nice enough and then told us that lightning struck in Sacramento for the first time in years because California enacted gay marriage and even, *gasp*, now allows boys and girls to use the same restrooms.

After that I began using unschooling as a shield - "Hi, we're unschoolers!" became my new opening line of choice (cue uncomfortable looks of horror and polite exits) - and we were left blissfully alone.

It was a wonderful, tiring, exciting trip. Brady's favorite part?

Not the subway.

In other news, we....

Other things that've been consuming my every waking moment going on, well....

That's it, folks - all the news that's fit to print.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

It happens to us, too. Why is it that everytime we meet new people who seem like potential friends they open their mouths and say something so astoundingly stupid? I'll have to adopt your new opening line!

debra said...

Hey--we could all go into a room and introduce ourselves--I'm xxx and I'm an unschooler. Hi xxx
Now if you come to Kalahari.......

Not June Cleaver said...

Hey, you were 13 miles from my house and you didn't tell me? :(

Glad you had a great trip.

Not June Cleaver said...

BTW, I sent an email to the last address I got one from you. Be sure to check if it isn't a regular account!

Stephanie S. said...

That last picture totally cracks me up. lol!
I think a cheery "Hi, we're Unschoolers!!!" is perfect. I'd certainly do it.

I'm a little dense, so I'm hoping to be able to follow along with everyone else.
Uh - if you'll keep the arrows coming, I'd appreciate it.
When I was reading about your monumental (haha - i crack myself up) trip, I was thinking - Brady wants to move so he can work for ESPN??? Jonathan wants to live at the Whitehouse???
I was relieved when you pointed something out to me.
I'll rely on that, if'n you don't mind. :)

kelli said...

I hope you're all doing ok.

Isn't DC crazy busy? How fun that you got to hang with Geri :) We did too when we were out there!

Sarah said...

I brought my camera with me to our lunch in Alexandria, but forgot to take a picture. I missed my chance to be famous!

denise said...

Great photos!

My eerily similar unfit news to print has been ramping up the heat too. *Just* in time for the holidays. Fa-la-la-la-la.

Love that subway photo ... the facial expression and that hat - priceless! :)

K. said...

You're such a tease.

Awesome trip, and nice tip about the unschooler intro to ward off crazies. I kind of like that we're the people that the scary people are afraid of.

And yes, I am procrastinating tonight, thanks for asking.

Silvia said...

Well, NC, what did you expect? Just kidding folks! Lots of nice people in NC. Just not sure they have some of their history straight, or some other stuff. Um. I like to be sure to buy the unschooling t-shirts from conferences, so I don't have to say anything. :) But that would require some reading on the part of the 2nd party. LOL