Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Reunion with Friends II

Another feature of our annual reunion is the photo shoot. Seeing as Sharon and I are digital camera fanatics who snap photos every chance we get, it's just too obvious that half the gathering will devolve into a photography frenzy, where our inner divas come out and all manner of silliness ensues.

So the teens get a hold of our cameras, and things like this start to happen. There are 100 more just like it. I'm not kidding this time.

Here are the women minus Martha. Yooohoooooo, Marthaaaa.... where'd she go?

Time for the pics of the kids. Last year Brady was shorter than all those teens, who are all older than him - wah! How can 5'2" me have a towering child? Thankfully Jonathan is still a wee nugget. (He loves it when I talk like that, too.)

And after an hour of photos, we girls get silly. Hey, where's Joan? Sheesh, can't we all just stay put? Joaaannnn.......

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