Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One Year

On Sunday, my father will have been gone one year. Look at all he's missing.

Dad, where did you go?


the Goddess diana said...

He went to the Heaven's Taco Bell, where Mitch assured me they serve beer and great music! Your dad's in great company, I'm sure of it!! ♥

Laura said...

Diane, you rock. :-)

Cousin Kathy said...

[Sunday] I believe he's watching UW play in the Big Ten tournament championship game. We're thinking of you (and him) today.

Laura said...

Oh, I can see it! Picture a smiling John, all decked in red, drinking a green beer and chatting up his new friend Mitch in heaven's Taco Bell! Now, isn't that just soooo him? We stopped at the Belvidere oasis on I90 yesterday and the place was overrun with Badger fans. Curiously, none of us had red on! We're slipping. Bad Badger fans, BAD!

And I meant to type, DianA, you rock. I can spell. Really, I can. (Sorry 'bout that!)


the Goddess diana said...

There's something about that never-ending party awaiting us that makes me both comforted and anxious... I can get thru whatever I need to, knowing there's a cold beer (which I'll magically like in heaven ::bg::), big hugs and lots of laughs awaiting me soon enough (but not quite soon enough, ya know?). As I long for the family who have transitioned, I meet more and more of my family here; We're just whirlin' and swirlin' reminding each other that we truly are never alone on this crazy journey; not as humans and not as spirits. So glad we've met "again" :)